Spiritual DNA

DNA is so powerful; yet we hardly give any thought to its impact on our lives.

I was reminded of this some months ago when my wife and I were going to church. This particular Sunday was especially exciting for us because we were expecting some old friends. We were going to look for them after taking Rosie to the nursery, but I spotted them as soon as we stepped back into the hall.

You see, I recognized the husband’s stance immediately because, to me, it’s unique. 

This led me to think about 1 John 2:6, which says, “Whoever claims to abide in him ought to walk as he walked.”  I think I made this connection because, just as my friend has a unique stance that enabled me to immediately recognize him, all Christians should have a “stance” that enables unbelievers to recognize us by our actions as we avoid the things of the world and choose instead to cling to the things of God.  This made me grateful for the spiritual DNA we receive from God when he makes us alive, for without it, we wouldn’t be able to obey him.

When we’re born, our physical DNA determines how tall we’ll be, our facial structure, hair color, eye color, etc.  Unfortunately, since we’re born human, it also carries that we are unable and unwilling to submit to God’s law.  But when God makes us alive, he makes us an entirely new creation, giving us his DNA.  This change is so powerful that, even though we might still sin, we ultimately aren’t happy or proud of it any longer, and want nothing more than to kill it entirely to more fully enjoy fellowship and life with God.

So the next time you sin, remember the curse you were born with—the sinful nature.  And then, the next time you obey God with joy, rejoice that God has made you new and blessed you with the DNA that is conforming you to Jesus’s likeness.



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